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Greg Lieberman

I am a results-driven Senior Software Engineer who loves solving user experience problems. I used to work in the Videogame Industry, and currently work at Google. 



Google Cloud

I am working on the Google Cloud Apps and Sales team. We are building tools to help Cloud Sales staff become more effective in their roles.

My Reading Academy

My Reading Academy is a science-based, fully individualized, adaptive learning solution that is the ideal aid to classroom instruction, helping teachers meet each student’s needs.

I worked on modernizing the app's tech stack, implementing WebGL and Accessibility features. 

My Music Academy: Playful Piano

Made in Flutter, this app invites children to join a virtual band and embark on a musical adventure! Using an in-app keyboard and created for early music learners with no prior music experience, the fun and inspiring musical activities are designed to build confidence and skills. I worked on full-stack account features for the product.

Rakuten ABCmouse

I joined Age of Learning's International English Language Learning team. Rakuten ABCMouse teaches English to children in Japan! I am proud to have architected the app's build pipeline, which enabled the team to smoothly add thousands of activities for our customers.

Grammar Ninja

Grammar Ninja is a mobile game for iOS and Android. Implemented with Unity and Firebase, game content is 100% data-driven and playable in multiple languages including English and Spanish. Use your grammar skills to find your targets, and become the ultimate ninja master! Learn more at

Dice Arena

One of my favorite games that I have ever programmed. Enter the arena and fight an army of monsters!


Gamblit Gaming's highest performing title. I rewrote its troubled codebase in two months, and then added Progressive gambling features. Match 3 animals to evolve them and climb the evolutionary chain!

Awarded EKG Skill Game of the Year 2018

Brew Caps

Find all the caps to win real money prizes!

Spot It! Casino

A digital adaption of the classic "Spot It!" card game, players gather around a Gamblit Gaming Model G touchscreen table and place their bets. The first player to tap matching pictures on 5 cards wins the round. The winning player then picks a cash prize!

Chili Chilly

Chili Chilly is a multiplayer action game inspired by Bomberman and Inversus. Two players battle it out, sliding bombs at each other until only one remains!

Moolah Melee

Moolah Melee is a competitive skill-based gambling game. Place your bets, and winner takes all!

Lucky Words

Lucky Words is a take on Scrabble with real-money gaming added to the mix. Players can play against their friends, or the CPU in Easy, Medium, and Hard modes. I programmed the whole game from top to bottom. The frontend is Adobe Air and the backend is a LAMP stack.

Motion-Activated Water Gun

This Arduino project squirts any creature unfortunate enough to walk in front of it. I made this to solve a... pigeon problem. It's main components are an Arduino board, a PIR Motion Sensor, and a 12v water pump.

Sitcom Machine

This Arduino project plays music whenever it detects a person nearby. I loaded it up with a few bass guitar riffs from the TV show Seinfeld, and used it as an April Fools prank. It was a big hit!


CoasterVille is a delightful Zynga game about building a themepark. Notable features I worked on include the Particle System, and Pathfinding Optimizations.

Bullet Time Ninja

You are an awesome ninja that has the power to slow down time and dash through the air at supersonic speeds. Use your insane abilities to conquer every challenge and collect all of the ancient scrolls.

Sheep Dream Buffet

When children go to sleep, they dream about food, but these children have food allergies! Find the right foods for each kid, and make all the children happy.

Empires & Allies

I joined the Zynga Los Angeles studio as their first intern. On my first day on the job, I learned that I was working on Empires & Allies, and that the game was launching the following week! The 12 weeks that followed were absolutely awesome. The team was a pleasure to work with, and I wrote lots of cool game features that impacted millions of players.

The Bridge

The Bridge is a Science Fiction Voice Command game backed by the USC GamePipe and Interactive Media programs. The player takes the role of captain and leads a space vessel into the great unknown. As Technical Lead on the project, I managed a team of 9 programmers, 13 artists, and 3 musicians to bring the project to completion. My most significant contributions were to programming the Voice Command architecture, which supports simultaneous keybord and voice input. I also wrote the AI that allows ships to orbit targets and fire weapons.


Lurk is 2D stealth game that was made in 48 hours with a team of five people. Two players each play as glowing blowfish that collect treasure and run away from ghosts. We incorporated some pretty insane technologies into the game, including a 3D collision mesh for AI pathfinding, and speech recognition for casting spells on ghosts.

Cafe World

I worked on Cafe World during my summer internship at Zynga. My tasks included programming revenue features, building user interfaces, and any necessary server-side code. I found it pretty thrilling to be working on a game that 5 million people played every day.

02 portfolio

Super Dragonball

Super Dragon Ball is a 3D game built using Microsoft's XNA Framework. The player takes the role of a lone Dragon Ball floating in a field of clouds. Using the arrow keys (or an Xbox 360 Controller), the player tilts the stage to help the Dragon Ball return to the comforting jaws of its Dragon Master.


Greg's 3D Animation Reel

Cars, dice, and robots, oh my!

The Lab

The Lab is an Escher-style maze game made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2010. The theme of the game is Deception. Good luck finding your way out...

Magical Meatball Girl

Magical Meatball Girl tells the ancient tale of a magical flying heroine who saves the world from evil food aliens. I lead a team of 4 people to build this game for a 24-hour Game Jam.

Coffeetime Crosswords

While interning at Konami Digital Entertainment in 2009, I recreated Coffeetime Crosswords, the Xbox Live Arcade title, as a Flash game.


Pancake Game

Made in 10 delirious hours, Pancake Game is a heart-warming adventure full of delicious pancakes and hypnotizing floating berries.

Space Mario

Space Mario is a Flash derivative of the classic 1979 arcade game Asteroids with silly Mario graphics.

Trig Spinner

I created this game to make memorizing Trigonometry functions a little more fun.

Grammar Ninja

(Flash Game)

You are a Grammar Ninja who must find parts of speech by throwing ninja stars at words. Correct answers allow you to continue, while wrong answers literally explode. The Flash game no longer works on most computers, so learn more about the newest version on your phone at

Star Blaster

Made at 17 years old, Star Blaster is a space-themed exploring and shooting game. This massive undertaking took me around 300 hours to design, program, and draw. I often think about Star Blaster's strengths and shortcomings when I develop new videogames.

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